As Partners and official Swimwear & Swim gear Suppliers to the Lisboa International Triathlon 2011 we are offering Registered Triathletes exclusive benefits! This month we're off to a strong start with a time and stock limited:

Whooping discount on the Timex GPS

TIMEX GPS GLOBAL TRAINER (IRONMAN) We offer you a full 86€ discount off the Timex Ironman GPS Global Trainer 370€ RRP* .We also throw in a free Training4 T-shirt (on sale for 10€ at the official race site).

You get an Ironman GPS Global Trainer plus a Training4 T-shirt for 284€ Eur - a 96€ benefit exclusive for participants!

YOU + GPS + T-Shirt... Wow, that's a top trio to train for Lisbon's race

 * Recomended Retail Price 369.99€ (our 'normal' price 329€)

Get it now, swim, bike and run with your GPS companion

Australian Swimsuits  w/ free swim caps

Fatos e Bikinis para entrega imediata (Unpublished)  Funky Trunks Homem Fatos Banho Funkita Disponível mas mesmo a acabar... (DesPublicado) 

You deserve to swim with style & confort so we have... The Australian vibrant, chlorine and sun resistant, Funky Trunks & Funkita swimwear.
Your exclusive deal is getting this bold trunks, swimsuits and sport bikinis with a free country flag swim cap (this special wrinkle free caps retail for 9€).

Order two Funks or Funkita and you can choose to get the top notch Olander Wide Screen Metallic Triathlon & Open Water Goggles for free (instead of the flag swim caps)

For this deals you should contact us directly at (or over the phone). You can place your order on-line as usual, but please make a note that you are already registered to enter the Lisboa Triathlon 2011. 


Our web site translations are still being updated, so we apologise if you're having trouble navigating the shop. Your special products info will soon be fully available in English. In the meantime we can easilly answer questions posted in English or Português, and will try our best with Español and Français

We offer you this this as Partners and official Swimwear & Swim gear Suppliers to the Lisboa International Triathlon 2011. We thank you for being a participant in this great sport, and extend our compliments to Timex Portugal and Funky Trunks and Funkita Swimwear for extending special conditions allowing aqualoja to get you these exlusive deals.

Lisboa Triathlon PNG color logo (transparent background)Your comitment to train, the Ironman GPS and the Australian looks will help you better enjoy the great Race (& having fun getting in shape)