Finis Snorkel de natação frontal

29,00 €
Tamanho Jr/Sr/OS

Breathe Easily and Focus on Technique While You Swim

The Swimmer's Snorkel allows swimmers the ability to focus on stroke technique without the interruption of turning your head to breath. Allowing for a full range of motion this tool can be used for all strokes. Relax in the water and maintain body alignment to improve stroke efficiency.


Center-Mount Design
Relax in the water in order to focus on stroke and improve technique
One-Way Purge Valve
Allows for clear and easy breathing
Hydrodynamic Design
Worn with swim goggles promotes proper head and body position
Front Positioning
Swim at slower speeds with perfect stability
Adjustable Head Bracket
Can be worn in conjunction with swim cap or goggles
All Four Swim Strokes
Stays in place for all competitive strokes, including flip turns
Silicone Mouth Piece
Soft, comfortable and flexible medical grade silicone
V02 Max
Increases aerobic capacity

Informação Técnica sobre o Snorkel de Natação Frontal - Finis

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