Barbatanas Finis - Z2 Zoomers

36,00 €

This all-purpose fin targets hamstrings and glute muscles.

The Z2s help swimmers generate constant propulsion by strengthening the kick in both directions.

With its comfortable fit of 100% natural rubber, the Z2 creates a soft and secure fit and inhibits hyper flexion. With its short blade, Z2 Gold Zoomers® encourages shorter and faster kicks while experiencing just enough propulsion through the water. The Z2 efficiently propels you forward. The fluid separator located on top of the fin, allows your foot to easily slice through the water while reducing fatigue on the down kick and quads. Whereas the flex box, located on the bottom of the fin, helps you catch the water on your up kick, targeting and strengthening your hamstrings and glutes.


Forward Propulsion Hydro Channels
Efficiency propels you forward

Short Blade
Promotes shorter and faster kicks
Fitness Oriented Fin
Increases leg strength and builds cardiovascular conditioning
Fluid Separator
Allows the foot to easily slice through the water
Flex Box
Catches water on the up kick, targeting and strengthening hamstrings and glutes
Closed heel design
Creates a soft and secure fit and inhibits hyperflexion

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