English (UK) Setubal Bay 10K FINA Marathon Swimming Olympic Games Qualification Tournament was both an unforgetabble and unbelievalbe race with swimmers battling it out at an incredible pace over the 10Km, while being super 5 stars nice when strolling around. Aqualoja team was very proud to be there for the swimmers and for Arena, and that's why over the next few days we'll be publishing interinsting behind the scenes stuff and analysis (we're still over excited about it and just can't stop;). A short video is already on our facebook and instragram, check back here for the new stuff..

Português Em breve mais informação.. por agora já temos um pequeno vídeo no facebook e no instragram da Aqualoja ao longo dos próximos dias esperamos  surpreendê-lo com outros momentos menos comuns. Vamos atualizar esta página com as novidades e sempre algo mais..

Videos and photos already published:

More photos and a surprise video around the 21st July, and maybe some more suprises..